• Stock Photos Which Were Never Used! We Wonder Why? (8 Images)

    As we all are aware that many advertisements and marketing campaigns use the stock photos instead of arranging a photo shoot. This enables them to save time as well as money as there are many stock photos which are perfectly suitable for their requirements. Generally, the quality of these photos is also very good which means that there is no compromise when someone uses them. However, there are some stock photos which do not make any sense as to why some photographer had taken them. Some of them actually make you wonder as to whether the photographer was in his senses when he shot such photos. We have brought to you a compilation of some such photos, which you will be able to enjoy.

    Want something different this time

    image 8

    As soon as we saw this photo for the first time, we thought of Adam and Eve. However, the even in this photo seems to be saying that she does not want to eat the apple as there are so many other fruits available in the garden. Was this the real intention of the photographer or was this another concept gone haywire? Maybe he was trying to give a new twist to the original story.

    Stock Photos Which Were Never Used! We Wonder Why? (8 Images)

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