Privacy Policy & Cookie Policy

Privacy Policy is a website where we try to make sure that the visitors are satisfied with our products and services. For this purpose, the visitors come to our site need to fill up a registration form with their basic information such as name, email Id and the username at our website. Such form is to be filled by the customers who want to purchase products from our website or hire the services from our website. However, we only ask for the information as per the regulations of the laws regarding privacy and we only use the information to serve you better by informing you the products and services which may interest you. We can share this information with the business associates which are associated with our website. If at all there is a change in our privacy policy, all the customers will immediately inform about the said change.

Use of the information

This information is only used for the purpose of serving you better. You can rest assured that this information will not be sold or disclosed to anyone by our website. However, we will share it with product manufacturers or service providers who are associated with our website. Apart of these, no unassociated or otherwise the third party will be privy to your information. We will use this information to inform you of the latest deals, offer or products available at our website.

Cookie Policy

The cookies which we set on your computer allow us to know your requirements and preferences in searches. This is useful for us because it helps us in offering useful products and services for you. Along with us, the companies who advertise their products on our website also have access to these cookies and they also use them for the same reason. These cookies are planted for the sole reason of wanting to serve you in a better manner.
However, if you don’t want these cookies to be set up by us on your computer, then you can block them from your desktop. This means that no one, including us, will be able to read your preferences on the basis of searches you do on your computer. No one will be able to track your online movement through these cookies once you blocked them.

Third Party Advertisers

There are many companies and businesses who advertise their products and services on our website. These advertisers can also plant cookies and track your online movement and your information through those cookies. As they are the third party with whom we have no association, our website is not privy to the details of their privacy policies. Therefore it is suggested that you should not divulge any information about you to them unless you have verified their privacy policy.