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The Most Absurd Stock Photos We’ve Ever Seen (7 Images)

Cabbage bra Maybe the photographer wanted to take this photo in the hope that someone would invent a bra made from cabbage and this photo will come very handy at that time. However, if that was his intention, then why the various food items like bread, tomatoes, onion and milk are used as props? Was […]

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Can’t You Just Imagine How Well They Bounce? (8 Images)

Every woman’s bosom is either a cause of concern for her or it is a matter of pride because women are very sensitive about this part of their anatomy. This is one of the main reasons why they opt for corrective surgeries mostly for their bosom. Whether they are doing a breast enhancement or a […]

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Couples Selfies That Will Make You Cringe (9 Images)

Selfies are now the new way to express love and therefore couple is seen posting their selfies on the social media to show that they are in a relationship. However, these selfies are not always about the proclamation of their love for each other. Sometimes these couples take selfies randomly and post them on the […]

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20 Perfectly Timed Sports Moments Taken At The Right Moment (20 Images)

Many people have an attraction of Uniforms and it is one of the many reasons people join the various teams which have uniforms for their members. Such uniforms not only bring about a sense of discipline and unity among the members of the team, but they also enhance the looks of a person. There are […]