• Couples Selfies That Will Make You Cringe (9 Images)

    Selfies are now the new way to express love and therefore couple is seen posting their selfies on the social media to show that they are in a relationship. However, these selfies are not always about the proclamation of their love for each other. Sometimes these couples take selfies randomly and post them on the social network without making sure that the photo is good. There are some instances where people have posted the photos and then realized that the photos are quite weird or that photo can be interpreted in a different way creating a funny situation. We have compiled some selfies taken by some couples which are quite weird and hilarious too.

    Love has no boundaries

    It is true that true love does not have boundaries of looks, age or weight etc. and this couple proves it. The woman in this couple is quite overweight as compared to the man because she is easily carrying him in her lap. It does look a little weird, but if they are okay with it, who are we to take any objection? Let’s hope that they stay together always.

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    Couples Selfies That Will Make You Cringe (9 Images)

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